Chanatip Fallon

Tip focuses on advancing equity through coaching, consulting, and community-building.

Photo of Chanatip Fallon

  Tip Fallon (he, him, his) focuses on advancing equity through coaching, consulting, and community-building. Tip grew up in a highly diverse area adjacent to Washington, DC in the United States. He spent his childhood navigating multiple languages, classes, and cultures – not only locally but through trips to spend time with relatives in the Isan region of Thailand. He learned his first lessons about exclusion, oppression, and power through his community, family, and exposure to life in vastly different socioeconomic levels. A graduate of public schools, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in part due to his desire to solve problems, and for a degree that would lend to more financial stability. He completed a Leadership Development program at a multinational manufacturing firm working in Lean Six Sigm. After his engineering career, he channeled his focus to his community, starting a youth-development nonprofit that provided grants to teens to improve their communities, and provided personal development trainings. He found a love for the intersection between social systems, organizations, and human behavior, and completed a master’s degree in Organization Development (OD) through the American University NTL MSOD program, and has been consulting, coaching, and building community to advance equity ever since. He has been privileged to consult with some of the most prestigious organizations in philanthropy, nonprofits, governments, and corporations who care about creating an inclusive culture. He teaches Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, and has taught Organization Development at American University’s MSOD program. He is the founder of All In Consulting, a highly-diverse and innovative collaborative focused on helping organizations create inclusive cultures. He is a member of the NTL Institute and currently serves on the executive team on their Board of directors. He currently lives in Chicago with his partner, their husky-shepherd rescue, and he visits family and friends in the DC area and Thailand whenever possible.