Colleen Vandenboom

Dr. Colleen Quinn Vandenboom has over fifteen years of experience in student affairs and higher education.

Photo of Colleen Vandenboom

She currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement and Leadership at Gonzaga University.  Throughout her tenure in student affairs Dr. Vandenboom has worked at a variety of institutions from large research universities to small private colleges. Her areas of expertise include student activities, student leadership, student government, volunteer programs, residence life, assessment, orientation, and fraternity and sorority life.  She has contributed to the field as a volunteer for the National Association of Campus Activities, the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals, and Alpha Phi Fraternity.

In addition to her work experience, Dr. Vandenboom has taught and TA’d undergraduate courses at the University of California Los Angeles in Civic Engagement, and the Gender Gap in College. She holds a BA in Political Science and English Literature from the University of Washington, a MEd in Student Affairs from the University of Florida and a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Higher Education Organizational Change from UCLA.  

Dr. Vandenboom currently serves as an adjunct lecturer in the MPS Higher Education Program where she teaches Introduction to Student Affairs and Higher Education Ethics.