Kate Al-Shamma

Kate moved to Georgetown in 2018 after teaching and performing in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 25 years.

Kate Al-Shamma

Her Ph.D. is in Theatre, and her M.A. is in Communication.

In the area of Theatre, Kate specializes in Shakespeare, Choreographic Image Theatre, and Performance of Oral History.

She is a theatre director as well as an acting, voice, and movement coach. In the area of movement, Kate has completed a 500 hour Yoga Teaching Certification and has trained in Alexander Technique, Viewpoints, and Leader/Follower improvisations.

In addition, Kate has expertise in field methodologies and has spent years engaging in Performance Ethnography.

In the area of Communication, Kate has conducted extensive research in Performance Studies, Voice Science, and Rhetoric.

At GU, she teaches "Public Speaking" and "Advocacy" with an emphasis on personal encounter and community building. Also, she teaches "Public Speaking and Performance" with an emphasis on relaxation techniques that facilitate vocal and physical expressivity.

All of Kate’s courses are designed to help students to be more “present” moment-to-moment in their lives and to become more connected to one another.