Lawrence Gray

Lawrence Gray is an experienced Data Scientist and Computational Biologist. He is an adjunct faculty member in Georgetown University’s Data Science Certificate Program, where he teaches Python Basics along with Data Ingestion and Wrangling.

Photo of Lawrence Gray

Dr. Gray earned his doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine where his research centered on understanding physiological disturbances in Wilson’s disease. He also completed postdoctoral work in computational biology. He is now a Data Scientist at Maxar Technologies, where he and his team utilize machine learning and Python to build predictive data products. Prior to joining Maxar, Larry served as COO of tech startup BusyGrad, and Lead Data Scientist at online retailer GoodStuff. Dr. Gray is also a freelance data science consultant focusing on tech startups specializing in e-commerce and social media. Along with other SCS faculty, he is a core developer of Scikit-Yellowbrick, a visual steering library for machine learning with Scikit-Learn. He is a frequent volunteer and committee member for PyCon and the Numfocus PyData series. His main research interests include machine learning, understanding how text influences social media engagement, and open source development.