Erik Wood

Erik is a researcher, subject matter expert (SME), and part of the Adjunct Faculty at the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies Emergency and Disaster Management Program.

Photo of Erik Wood

You can find him teaching Introduction to GIS 630, Ethics 500, or helping as a guest lecturer in Risk Communications.

Erik has experience with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, grant writing, and 20+ years experience in private and public sector project management. He completed his BS at California Polytechnic University at Pomona in Environmental Science and has a landscape architecture license in the State of Washington (#735). He has completed various FEMA certifications and several continuing studies certificate programs on global disaster management from Harvard. Erik was the CEO of a social justice software start-up which included lobbying for policy change at the state level, public speaking, and forging safety and business partnerships. He volunteers for various crisis mapping entities that are mobilized during disasters. 

Erik’s first experience with GIS dates back to the early 1990’s and he completed several projects using early ESRI software between 1991 and 1993. Erik was first published in 2019 for his paper on the ethical and sustainable delivery of humanitarian aid into lower-income countries and again in 2020 for a study on the socioeconomic implications of FEMA floodplain designations. Both papers include the use of GIS vulnerability indices. He has several more peer-reviewed papers involving vulnerability assessments, disaster ethics, risk communications, and adaptive capacity due out in 2020. Erik lives near Seattle and is also a proud graduate of the Emergency and Disaster Management Masters Program at Georgetown University. You can connect with him on Twitter @erikxwood