Amrita Ibrahim

My research and teaching areas focus on the anthropology of media, surveillance, and policing with a particular emphasis on journalists and journalism.

Photo of Amrita Ibrahim

I am currently working on my first book manuscript, which is based and builds on doctoral fieldwork on television journalists in Delhi, India. It explores how the discourses, practices, and ideologies of journalism, in their intersection with other institutional forces, such as the law, police, and the family, constitute new regimes of monitoring and surveillance in the age of ubiquitous social and interactive media. I use journalists and their work as a means to interrogate the concepts of surveillance, policing, and monitoring and what these might mean, politically, socially, and conceptually through an anthropological lens. A second focus in my work is related to sexual violence, sexual assault, and gender both as journalists cover these stories as well as how these events and experiences shape journalists and the reporting they do.