Scott Rubin

Scott Rubin is an Adjunct Lecturer in Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, teaching graduate courses in Cybersecurity Risk Management and the Applied Intelligence program.

Photo of Scott Rubin

Before Scott came to Georgetown, he was an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer at George Washington University in the graduate Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance track.

Scott provides instruction across the Cybersecurity and Intelligence landscapes, from policy and management concepts and practices as well as the complex technical aspects that exist in networked systems. Scott’s instructional coursework experience includes:

·     Auditing, Monitoring, and Intrusion Detection for Information Security Managers

·     Management of Information and Systems Security

·     Managing the Protection of Information Assets and Systems

·     Cybercrime for Information Security Managers

·     Advanced Analytic Techniques in Intelligence 

·     Cybersecurity Governance Frameworks

Scott is a consultant where he leads consulting programs that span the systems engineering spectrum from specific operational capabilities to the enterprise. Scott’s professional career began in the United States Air Force working with electronic cryptographic communication systems. After his military service, Scott would serve on the staff at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as their inaugural Chief of Information Security, where he was responsible for the Agency’s operational cyber mission. His career progression spans from working inside of discreet-component TTL and CMOS systems up to designing and deploying large-scale interconnected information system environments in the cloud.

Scott brings over 30 years of professional experience into the classroom environment, from the leading edges of the Department of Defense, to federally funded research and development programs in the Intelligence Community, and across the commercial consulting industry. Scott ties in real-world examples and modern technical and managerial challenges to broaden the course experience.

When Scott is outside of the classroom or not consulting with clients, he is an active father to his kids Cassandra, Oliver, and Miriam, and doing all he can to keep up with his wife of twenty years, Brigitta. A graduate from George Washington University with a Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance, Scott keeps active in hobbies that helped launch his career, including the restoration of classic arcade pinball machine and video games.