Troy Mueller

Since joining MITRE in 2006, Dr. Mueller has worked in several capacities including Project/Group Leader, Department Head, Portfolio Director, Division Chief Engineer, Senior Advisor, and Managing Director addressing complex operational and technology modernization challenges for the homeland security, intelligence, diplomatic, and civilian agency communities.

Photo of Troy Mueller

These experiences include advising political appointee and senior executive leaders on planning, executing, and overseeing large-scale programs, transforming processing of passport, visa, and citizen services requests, designing knowledge management prototypes for U.S. diplomats, balancing legislative compliance with efficiency and effectiveness of Veteran’s education benefit processing, and advising the Intelligence Community on data acquisition and counterterrorism watchlisting.

Dr. Mueller retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel, having served 11 years on active duty and 13 in the Air Force Reserve in a variety of positions with deployed experience in multiple operations. His final assignment was as the Senior Reserve advisor for the Air Force’s $19 billion Program Executive Office (PEO) Digital portfolio, assisting and advising the PEO in leading more than 3,500 Airmen, government civilians and support contractors in the acquisition of software and weapons systems and in the standardization and dissemination of agile software development processes throughout the Air Force.

Dr. Mueller holds a BA, MPA, Doctor of Science in Information Systems and Communications, and is a graduate of Georgetown's Executive Masters in Emergency and Disaster Management Program. He also completed a graduate certificate program in Software Engineering Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology, executive education programs at Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College and Air War College. Dr. Mueller serves on the Editorial Review Board for the annual International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS) conference, IACIS Issues in Information Systems Journal, and the Defense Acquisition University Defense Acquisition Research Journal, is a member of the Robert Morris University PhD in Information Systems and Communications Program Advisory Board, and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Georgetown University.