Quentin Hill


Quentin Hill

Multi-Stakeholder Analyst. Advisor on Multi-Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainable Development and Governance. Mediator.

Quentin Hill has led in the arenas of multi-stakeholder analysis & engagement, peacebuilding, sustainable development and governance with Canada’s largest think tank and as consulting technical advisor for over twenty years.

She has served as advisor to senior government, corporate and community leadership across Canada, the U.S. and in Kenya on program planning and evaluation, policy development, strategic planning and implementation; as well as interventions addressing development issues, social issues, issues of political economy and, especially, crisis and conflict.

She has worked with organisations such as: The Conference Board of Canada; Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development; Social Development Canada; Ontario Municipalities Social Services Association; Naomi Wolf; The Woodhull Institute, U.S.; Algonquin College; The Salvation Army, Canada; Corrections Canada; Queen’s University; National Bank, Canada; Canada Revenue Agency; Kraft; 3M; Rio Tinto; Suncor; Pfizer, Unilever and Kenya’s Ministry of Education.

Quentin is a trusted advisor and mediator, an incisive analyst and persuasive mobiliser.

Her expertise is applied in three main streams – often concurrently:


–Resolution, governance development, strategic programming for future crisis prevention


–Special Advisor to individual, cross-sector senior leaders and groups

–Formal professional development training curricula


–Development of civic and organisational resilience

Quentin serves from the government conference table to the corporate boardroom, to the community frontlines; from the external political, social, economic environment to the internal team environment; and from ngos to the public service sector, to the multi-national private sector.

Quentin is Chair of corners– a philanthropic capacity-building organisation. corners is dedicated to the resolution of chronic crisis, to sustainable development and good governance – building peace through practical means: sustainable social innovation and capacity-building.

Her work across sectors requires and has offered a keen, highly-attuned sense of globally-diverse needs and interests. She is quick to read large group dynamics and politics, assess needs for and threats to resilience as she engages multi-stakeholder groups –organisational, cultural or political– in peaceful, sustainable development.

Her graduate research was on the subject of Engagement and her primary focus is to support multi-stakeholder groups in navigating and resolving full-on crisis and conflict.

Quentin’s teaching reflects this portfolio of practice and commitments. As a scholar practitioner, she is dedicated to preparing students to be insightful and adept practitioners.