Ishita Sengupta

Ishita Sengupta is a Principal in Mercer’s Workforce Strategy and Analytics practice in Washington D.C. She has 16 years of experience as a Labor economist.

Her analytical research has been published in various labor journals over the years. At Mercer for the last 5 years, she has worked on internal labor market analysis for incorporated companies, publically owned companies and educational institutions. She is experienced in predictive modeling including pay equity analysis, turnover analysis and business impact modeling. She has also worked on Diversity and Inclusion analytics for the financial services sector.

Ishita has directed research activities on comparing labor costs for firms across similar industry and has liaised with advocacy, labor and business groups to ensure accuracy of her findings. She has also testified in state senate hearings. Before joining Mercer in 2015, Ishita worked in National Academy of Social Insurance for 12 years as Director of Workers’ Compensation. She received her PhD degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut.