Fasika Tefera

Fasika Tefera, ODCCL Assistant Director, is an awarding-winning Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach, with 20 years of combined experience in organization development, human capital development, coaching, leadership, and sales.

Photo of Fasika Tefera

Fasika supports a diverse range of public and private clients both nationally and internationally. She develops needs-based solutions that align human capital activities with organizational goals and strategies to achieve sustainable growth and performance. Her work includes coaching leaders as an ICF-credentialed coach, facilitating teams and interventions, increasing employee engagement, team effectiveness, navigating conflict, and leading organizational change. Prior to becoming an external consultant, Fasika worked within the telecommunications industry supporting operations, sales, and management initiatives. Fasika partnered with leadership to approach challenges from a comprehensive, strategic, objective perspective. Key contributions included conducting readiness and needs assessments, guiding strategic change and leadership development programs, coaching leaders, and utilizing human performance technology techniques to improve organizational processes and performance. Fasika has applied her passion for making a difference as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization focused on bringing the arts to underprivileged youth and children. She also partnered with Fairfax County to offer team building and leadership workshops for which she received the Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services Distinguished Partner Award. She serves as a guest speaker and panelist for conferences, professional networks, and universities on the subjects of leadership, diversity, assessments, and organization development.