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Corinne Beasley

Corinne Packard Beasley brings experience in both government and private development to her teaching, which ...

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Ryan Beckwith

Ryan Teague Beckwith is a senior editor in the Washington bureau for TIME magazine.

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Brandon Benavides

Brandon A. Benavides is a content producer at NBC4 Washington.

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Nejm Benessaiah

Nejm Benessaiah is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown.

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Benjamin Bengfort

Driven by a desire to build large systems with a large number of users that ...

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Schuler Benson

Schuler is a lecturer in the Writing Program, where he works exclusively with students in ...

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Linda Berkeley

Linda Berkeley is President and founder of LEB Enterprises, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing ...

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Maya Bernstein

Maya Bernstein believes in the power of individuals and groups to adapt and to creatively ...

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Robert Bestani

While most of his career has been in the private sector, Robert Bestani has served ...

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Santiago Bestilleiro Lettini

Santiago Bestilleiro Lettini is a Ph.D.

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Sarita Bhargava

Sarita Bhargava serves as the Vice President of Engagement at the Freedom Forum, raising awareness ...

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Andrew Bickford

Dr. Andrew Bickford received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Rutgers University in 2002.

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