How to Spot Hidden Ads in Your Favorite Netflix Binge

They’re called “brand integrations,” and they’re subtler, and generally more effective, than ads on TV.

Commonly known as product placements, brand integrations are products that are embedded in the favorite shows you watch on television or on sites like Hulu and Netflix, says Justin Schauble, an instructor in the Master's in Design Management & Communications program at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. In fact, he says in this short, but entertaining, video: “92 percent of the top 25 streaming shows during 2017 featured brand integrations.”

“Product integrations on Hulu deliver an 89 percent higher purchase intent,” Schauble adds, “and a 74 percent higher awareness over traditional 30-second ads.”

So, when your show features, say, a scene with Dunkin’ being served, or a car’s well-positioned nameplate, or characters actually reciting the “finger-lickin’” Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan (that one’s not too subtle), it’s a good guess you’re being courted by advertisers.

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