In Focus | Augmented Reality in Supply Chain

It’s a high-tech solution to a pretty basic human limitation, and it has the potential to revolutionize supply chain speed and efficiency. The limitation? Well, hands—we’ve only got two of them. And that can slow things down when you’re trying to locate a product in a warehouse, for example, and have to keep grabbing your instructions while trying to search through stacks of material. But what if you could wear special glasses equipped with an augmented reality function that superimposes those instructions across your line of sight? Turns out, you can, and the technology will only get better. “Think of it as a computer that is a wearable device that enables your workers to be hands-free in the warehouse,” says Faisal Raza, Vice President of Client Success at Upskill. Here, Raza talks with Linda Dunn, Faculty Director of the Georgetown University Master's in Supply Chain Management program.

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