In Focus | Covering the President

How does covering Joe Biden’s White House differ from reporting on Donald Trump? “You have, in the former president, this person who was really chaotic, who was in some ways creating the chaos,” says Yamiche Alcindor, anchor for PBS’s “Washington Week” and a Washington reporter for NBC News. But in this conversation with Carole Feldman, faculty director for Georgetown University’s Master’s in Journalism program, Alcindor notes that chaos has also surrounded Biden, citing the grueling Afghanistan withdrawal and the war in Ukraine. Alcindor also talked about being a black Haitian-American reporter covering one of journalism’s most important beats. “These are stories that are personal for me…,” she says. “I also understand that race touches every part of our society. You cannot cover the health beat, or the education beat, or the White House beat without taking into consideration how race is impacting that beat.”

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