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Michael Fanning

Mike Fanning graduated with an A.B. from Georgetown in Government and Sociology and earned an M.S. in Environmental, Health and Safety Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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He studied Emergency Management and Risk Communications at Harvard University. He served as the U.S. Postal Service's environmental executive from 2005-2011 and as environmental chief of staff from 1991-2005, which included emergency preparedness, response and recovery support. He led a national staff with responsibility for assuring environmental compliance, assessing and mitigating environmental and emergency risks, implementing “zero waste” culture and nationwide recycling program, developing and managing policies, programs, projects and technical and training support for sustainability and emergency management initiatives. This work included calculating and achieving independent validation for the organization’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory, planning for climate change adaptation and managing the irradiation of government mail program, which required continuous liaison with White House and Congressional staff, Homeland Security and postal operations managers. Mike Fanning served as Project Director, Emergency Management, from 2001-2005, coordinating development, training and implementation of nation’s largest non-responder emergency management program. He managed national emergency contracts following 9-11 and anthrax attacks and subsequent natural emergencies, including Hurricane Katrina and other incidents and helped develop an all-hazards Integrated Emergency Management Plan (IEMP) that incorporated Emergency Action Plans, Continuity of Operations Plans and met requirements of HSPD-5. He provided emergency management training, communications and liaison support for local elected officials, first responders, public health providers and regulators to assure deployment of the Biohazard Detection System (BDS) at 275 sites. He has received four patents, including one for Postal Emergency Management System (PEMS), which provides wireless threat-specific, role-specific guidance to emergency management teams during all stages of an emergency, and developed and provided NIMS and ICS training to postal managers, law enforcement and technical staff.

Harvard University - UNKN, Risk Management

Rochester Institute of Technology - M.S., Environmental & Reg Policy

Georgetown University - B.A., Government