Georgetown SCS Corporate & Custom Education

Case Studies

Corporate Client: ADP

Problem: As a payroll services company with a strong domestic presence, ADP sought to lay the foundation to expand internationally and enter new markets abroad. Many of their sales directors had strong domestic track records but limited experience understanding and operating in international markets.

Action: The Custom Program team worked with faculty in the McDonough School of Business to design and deliver a short custom program that covered market strategy, international business, and sales and business development in specific countries.

Result: ADP launched their international strategy successfully in targeted countries. Many of the sales directors who completed the custom program were responsible for executing in-country market penetration strategies.

Corporate Client: Booze Allen Hamilton

Problem: Booz Allen Hamilton, a management consulting firm, decided to expand its talent management and performance management practice to serve more clients in the federal sector. Their objective was to quickly train their management consultants in the theories and application of performance measurement and strategic alignment.

Action: The Custom Program team worked with faculty in the Human Resources Management master’s program to design and deliver a custom certificate program in performance management. Program participants analyzed performance measurement from theory to implementation by examining and applying performance measurement models and metrics including Balanced Scorecard, federal government approaches, Kellogg Foundation logic models, and models based on the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Result: On completing the custom program, Booz Allen Hamilton had developed a group of management consultants prepared to successfully pursue and develop new business opportunities.

Nonprofit Client: Dog Tag Bakery

Problem: Dog Tag Inc. offers a Fellowship program for veterans and military families to facilitate a smooth transition to civilian life, and prepare for business careers through a unique work-study experience. To help fulfill that mission, our Custom Program team was selected to develop and deliver their business education programs.

Action: Our Custom Program team created a rigorous semester-long Certificate Program in Business Administration for the Fellows. In order to receive the certificate, Fellows must complete courses that cover a range of topics from marketing to entrepreneurship to finance. Courses are taken on-site at the bakery so that Fellows can apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained in the classroom immediately to their work rotations at the bakery.

Result: The Fellowship program launched in 2014 and since then four groups of Fellows have successfully graduated. Fellows have gone on to graduate school, opened up their own businesses, or found employment. In 2017, two more cohorts will be taking part in the program and we look forward to seeing how the program shapes their future careers.

Nonprofit Client: USO

Problem: The USO, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting active-duty military and veterans, decided to add education to its portfolio of support services in 2014. They sought a partner that could help develop and deliver a custom program to train veterans on small business administration and franchise management.

Action: Georgetown’s Custom Program team developed a six-day intensive program that could be easily delivered across the country. The Certificate in Venture Franchise Planning taught veterans to effectively respond to the challenges of small business management and to identify opportunities in the franchise sector.

Result: More than 100 veterans completed the program over a six-month period in Washington, D.C., Seattle, El Paso, and San Diego. Several veterans successfully invested in franchises, while others continued their education or found employment in the private sector.

Government Client: Consumer Federal Protection Bureau

Problem: Established in 2014, the CFPB needed to quickly train recently hired paralegals and legal assistants in litigation basics, research methodologies and legal business writing so the bureau could fulfill its mission of ensuring that consumers have the information needed to make informed financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Action: The Custom Program team and faculty from Georgetown Law School designed and delivered a hybrid 15-week program that covered the critical skills of reading and briefing cases, using litigation technology, and legal writing and research. In addition, the custom program covered core legal concepts in civil procedure and administrative law.

Result: Within a few months, CFPB enforcement staff gained the necessary legal knowledge and litigation support skills needed to initiate, conduct, and close investigations.

Government Client: FDA

Problem: In 2012, as a result of the landmark tobacco settlement, the FDA established the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) to help monitor the tobacco industry’s advertising practices. Staffed with public health officials and medical doctors, the FDA realized they needed to quickly provide training in fundamental marketing concepts and applications.

Action: Working with Georgetown marketing faculty, the Custom Program team developed a custom Certificate in Marketing program to serve CTP’s needs.

Result: 20 FDA staffers completed the custom program in only 12 weeks and now oversee the advertising and marketing mandate for CTP.