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Our corporate and custom education programs feature subjects ranging from business, finance, and marketing to policy, leadership, and beyond. 

Custom Courses & Workshops:

  • A Five-Day Course, “Strategic Communications Planning in a Social Media World”

“If we are going to lead communication in a highly technical joint workforce, then this class is the best investment I have seen the Army provide to gear us as PAOs to do it. Great use of one week!”

Joyce Martin, US Army Research Lab

  • A One-Day Course, “Fixed Income Securities”

“It was a highly complex topic explained in quite a simplified manner.”

Neelima Kalani, Fannie Mae

  • A Two-Day Workshop, “Coach-Approach to Leading, Managing, and Developing Others”

“I am applying what I’ve learned—both personally and professionally. The Coach-Approach has opened my world to new possibilities!”

Asha Hawthorne, Berkeley Point Capital, LLC

Custom Certificate Programs:

  • A partnership with Dog Tag, Inc. to offer a certificate in Business Administration to post-9/11 service-disabled veterans, military spouses, and caregivers. Learn more.
  • A partnership with Georgetown's Prisons and Justice Initiative and the D.C. Mayor's Office on Returning Citizen's Affairs to offer a certificate in Paralegal Studies to previously incarcerated citizens. Learn more.