Connecting with the Industry

The program is characterized by its academic rigor, professional stance, and its applied curriculum. As such, the program engages a strategic cross-section of university partners and external stakeholder organizations and seeks to advance the dialogue of the urban planning profession through practical and applied research. Students routinely engage in academic internships, where they conduct research associated with real problems in real communities. The program shares—and strengthens—this professional knowledge through public dialogues, dedicated research initiatives, and community engagement.

University Partnerships

The URP program collaborates with many other academic, research, and student resources across the University and makes available special opportunities to our students. Included in these many resources are activities with:

External Research

Students in the program are encouraged to conduct at least one semester of independent primary research. In addition to student-driven research projects, the URP program has developed formal research partnerships with the following organizations and industry-based research initiatives to enable students to work collaboratively with Georgetown faculty and other research professionals on innovative primary research:

Sponsored Research

The program regularly conducts targeted urban planning research in both a faculty- and student-driven manner. Research can take the form of planning studios, independent study projects or master thesis research. If you are interested in sponsoring research conducted by the URP program, please contact