Master's in Urban & Regional Planning

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Urban & Regional Planning program trains visionary leaders to create livable, meaningful, and sustainable neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Housed in downtown Washington, D.C., the program prepares practitioners to advance the practice of responsible urban development in cities around the world.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Urban & Regional Planning, you will:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Develop analysis skills through applied methods of stakeholder engagement and systems thinking to design urban planning strategies.
  • Global Competence: Deploy global best practices in urban planning to design solutions reflective of unique cultural contexts of neighborhoods, cities and regions and collaborate with diverse actors in intercultural settings.
  • Ethical Reasoning and Values: Design urban development strategies which ethically respond to the goals and values of diverse communities.
  • Applied Problem Solving: Apply qualitative, quantitative, spatial analysis and scenario-based methods to address complex urban problems.
  • Information Literacy: Retrieve and appraise primary and secondary resources to support data-driven urban planning strategies.
  • Technological Competency: Utilize geographic information systems, data visualization methods, and relevant emerging technologies to advance place-based urban analysis.
  • Communication: Address the needs of diverse stakeholders through building persuasive written, oral, and graphic communications of a professional standard.