Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching
Curriculum & Schedule

30 May 6-7:30pm ET
Drivers of Geopolitical Insecurity Seminar Series: Economic Transitions  

You must successfully complete the eight required courses as well as a final skills assessment for a total of 14.85 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 148.5 contact hours. The program must be completed in sequence as a cohort over eight months. The Leadership Coaching Application Course is the place where you are able to practice your new skills and apply your learning throughout the program. Full attendance for each class is required in Live-Online cohorts and the In-Person cohorts (@ SCS Campus) to successfully complete this Executive Certificate Program. For further detail, please review our Summer-Fall 2024 schedule of courses.

  1. Introduction to Leadership Coaching (2.25 CEUs)
  2. Coaching for Breakthrough Results (2.25 CEUs)
  3. Coaching for Human and Adult Development (2.1 CEUs)
  4. Leadership Coaching in a System (2.1 CEUs)
  5. Identity & Culture in Leadership Coaching (2.1 CEUs)
  6. Leadership Coaching Integration (1.8 CEUs)
  7. Ethics in Coaching (0.45 CEUs)
  8. Leadership Coaching Application (1.8 CEUs)

What Is Live Online Learning?
Live online instruction is enhanced by incorporating various instructional practices and technology tools. Features such as Zoom video conferencing, breakout rooms, and chat allow for real-time interaction and collaboration among learners. Tools like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Canvas Groups facilitate teamwork and information sharing within the learning community. Polling, surveys, and threaded discussion boards promote active engagement and the expression of opinions. It is important to foster social respect, privacy, and incorporate Jesuit values to create a supportive and inclusive online environment. By utilizing these practices and tools effectively, live online instruction can be engaging, interactive, and conducive to meaningful learning experiences.

What Is On-Campus Learning?
On-Campus programs combine traditional classroom learning with interactive experiential methodology. Classes typically meet for two or three consecutive days once a month at our downtown Washington, D.C. campus.