Master's in Project Management

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Project Management program will provide students with the skills and tools required for coordinated management of one or more projects in accordance with industry standard guidelines, methodologies, and expectations. Students will engage with a faculty of experienced practitioners to develop the advanced management and leadership skills they need for a successful and impactful career in project management.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Project Management, you will:

  • Codify an individual code of ethics in relation to professional codes of conduct
  • Understand the relationships among scheduling, planning, and prioritization of projects and tasks
  • Demonstrate the use of industry standard tools and techniques to manage these relationships
  • Explain the relationship between strategic plans and projects and demonstrate the importance of project management to effective business strategy and success
  • Validate the importance of proper scope definition and management and analyze the problems inherent in projects where scope is not managed
  • Define the risk management process, the concept of risk, and how risk differs from planned activities
  • Evaluate the differences between project management and project leadership, and contrast the differences in the skills required
  • Analyze the characteristics of a high-performance team and evaluate various approaches to developing and reinforcing high-performance teams, including communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution
  • Prepare to operate effectively within project governance and oversight structures
  • Compose a set of effective lessons learned throughout a given project and assess the importance of this information for future projects