Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Leadership
Curriculum & Schedule

27 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
SCS Open House Lunch  

To earn the Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Leadership, professional learners must complete the three-day academy for a total of 3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 32 contact hours.

  1. Prelude to the Academy for Strategic Thinking & Leadership Academy (Online)
  2. Day 1 of the Academy (at Georgetown SCS Campus)
  3. Day 2 of the Academy (at Georgetown SCS Campus)
  4. Day 3 of the Academy (at Georgetown SCS Campus)
  5. Follow-up (Online)

What Is On-Campus Learning?
On-Campus programs combine traditional classroom learning with interactive experiential methodology. Classes typically meet for two or three consecutive days once a month at our downtown Washington, D.C. campus.

The Academy is a new format for SCS Professional Certificate Programs. Please see the program schedule for more detailed information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving: This module helps you understand the decision-making process, how to break down complicated information, and make better choices by applying analytical and critical thinking. Ethical considerations in decision-making are also highlighted.
  • Putting Ideas into a Plan and into Action: This module enables you to grasp how strategy works at different organizational levels. It also helps you understand the tools to measure strategy performance and how to tackle cultural and global challenges in strategy implementation.
  • Becoming a Discerning Leader: This module focuses on personal and ethical leadership qualities. It helps you reflect critically on your own abilities and teaches you how to lead ethically. It introduces a reflective framework and resources for decision-making, especially in situations involving ethical ambiguity.
  • Strategic Storytelling for Influence: This module will help leaders to be better stewards of the story ecosystems that they operate within. It will help them to reflect upon their own stories as well as how to strategically develop and share them with key stakeholders. Through interactive activities, the leaders will also be equipped with tools to be ethical story-conveners and story-amplifiers of those they support.
  • Succeeding with an Inclusive and Aligned Culture: This module supports leaders to discover their true values and how to integrate these with the needs of the present and emerging future. In these times of increasing division and polarization, leaders and organizations are challenged to align values, culture and ways of operating.

Course Schedule

Course Name Semester and Section
Required Courses  Fall 2024
Strategic Thinking & Leadership - A Georgetown University Leadership Academy
Not currently scheduled
Section 001Status: Open
Format: Classroom
Wed/Thu/Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sep 25 to Sep 27, 2024