Institute for Transformational Leadership

The ITL Approach

In the Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL), we believe we are all leaders. Leadership is not a position or rank, but rather a stance and way of being that can be practiced “from any chair.” As leaders in our organizations, communities, teams, groups, and families, we are all called on to lead the way to a better future.

The work we do in ITL is grounded by three foundational models: Jesuit Education Philosophy, Transformational Learning Theory, and Experiential Learning Theory. Our innovative content is delivered via a transformational design with a dual focus on self-discovery and building skills and knowledge. We do this by challenging students’ current ways of thinking and being and supporting them to integrate new perspectives, thinking, and behavior into how they live and lead.

At ITL, we believe learning happens in the context of a supportive community. Our programs achieve this by creating multiple layers of support including cohort learning, small group processing and skill application, and learning partnerships and mentors. The learning experience is designed and taught by supportive faculty who are all practitioners bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill from their given fields.

Drawing on influences from Jesuit Education Philosophy, our programs focus on the development of the whole person including the mind, body, spirit, emotion, and the various identities that we hold in the world. Important elements critical to the success of ITL programs include an emphasis on personal reflection and the development of leadership presence. All ITL programs include an opportunity to apply the skills that are learned in the classroom through an integrated practicum experience.