Institute for Transformational Leadership

Success Stories

Deiadre Rauch, Leadership Coaching and Facilitation

“When I was moving back to the U.S. from Brussels, I wanted to start a new career—one that would help me develop personally as well as use all of my past corporate and life experiences. I also wanted a career that could move with me, as moving back to D.C. was my ninth relocation. One of my colleagues suggested I would make a good executive coach, so when I returned to D.C., I started looking up coaching programs.

“Imagine my surprise when I found one of the best programs in the country right in my backyard at Georgetown University. I made the decision to enroll after talking to recent graduates of the Leadership Coaching program, one of whom told me that even if I did the program and never coached a single client, I would still be glad I did it for the sheer personal development factor.

“Completing both the Leadership Coaching certificate and the Facilitation certificate at Georgetown made a huge difference in supporting my coaching and facilitation career. The quality of the education and the quality of the faculty means that you come out with a huge edge. I also found that the faculty members are so vested in their students’ success, they go over and beyond in helping students succeed. They are always available for questions and support. My cohort was, and still continues to be, an amazing group of people that shares time, talents, and opportunities with each other. Finally, the reputation of the Institute for Transformational Leadership and the Leadership Coaching program have opened many doors for me.”

Rita Bruce, Health Coaching

“I chose the Health Coaching Certificate because of Georgetown’s reputation, its Jesuit core value of ‘care for the whole person,’ and timing. The Jesuit value was important to me based on my belief that we are multidimensional beings. I had not attended college in many years and was a bit apprehensive about re-entering a formal program; however, taking classes at Georgetown felt very comfortable. The faculty and staff are vested in each student’s successful learning experience and the application of our new skills post-certification.

“This experience renewed my interest in formal education, built my confidence in coaching skills, and increased my respect for the staff and faculty of Georgetown University and its Institute for Transformational Leadership. The program was an extraordinary experience. I grew personally and professionally and I acquired skills that will enable me to be more effective in my current leadership role and as a health coach.”