Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership

Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership

Live Online Format

Develop essential skills in organization development consulting and change management to drive change at all levels of the system.

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22 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
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12 Jul 12-1pm ET
Executive Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership Webinar  

Organizations must continually adapt in our increasingly complex and quickly changing environment. In order to effect change and thrive, they require support. The Executive Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership is for anyone who wants to better understand organizational systems and help facilitate sustainable change processes. You’ll learn foundational self-awareness, concepts, and skills needed to design inquiry and engagement processes that help organizations fulfill their missions and become more equitable, humane, and empowering workplaces.

This program is designed for change leaders, internal practitioners in Human Resources (HR), Organization Development (OD), and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), as well as current and future external consultants. You'll focus not only on what you need to be “doing,” but also on who you are “being” as a consultant and leader. This deeply transformative program goes beyond teaching organization development as a discipline; you will be challenged to become an impactful OD practitioner with a curious mindset, a grounded presence, and an ability to lead with an open heart.

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the moment—where the concepts of work and workplace are being reimagined, where DEI and OD have become inextricably intertwined, and where OD learning and practice can be maximized via synchronous and asynchronous methodologies in face-to-face, remote, and hybrid environments. Join our learning community and become a more effective instrument of change.

  • Ideal for

    consultants, change leaders, and practitioners in HR, OD, and DEI

  • Duration

    9 courses over 8 months

  • Tuition


  • Format

    Live Online

  • Enrollment

    All day, Thurs–Sat, once a month

  • Semester of Entry


Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Facilitate transformation through an Organization Development (OD) lens
  • Express a deeper understanding of your own strengths, preferences, and habits, and how these ways of being, along with our myriad social identities, shape the ways we see, understand, and experience the world and each other
  • Leverage insights about yourself to become a more effective instrument of influence as a consultant and change leader
  • Apply relevant theories and models to assess the current state of an organization and build capacity of individuals and groups to articulate and bring about desired change
  • Implement sustainable change at the individual, group, and systems levels by developing strategies for inclusive engagement, dialogue, and decision making, and building capacity to navigate conflict
  • Demonstrate practitioner competencies of the OD Cycle (entry, contracting, data collection, analysis and feedback, intervention) through a program-long applied team project with a real client
  • Leverage a peer network that supports continued personal and professional growth