In Focus | Responding to a Cyberattack

Here’s the scenario: They work in the oil and gas industry and learn that one of their suppliers has been hit with a cyberattack. “A ‘back door’ is being implemented on the firmware of a device on our system,” said Jennifer Toren, a student in the Georgetown University Master's in Technology Management program. “So we have to figure out how to respond. And, in the meantime, we also get hit with a ransomware attack.” Frightening? Yes. Realistic? Unfortunately, also yes. Here, Toren and three other students from three other Georgetown graduate programs—Robert Jones (Master's in Cybersecurity Risk Management), Michael Meeks (Master's in Applied Intelligence), and John Ehrhart—talk with Scott Smith, Managing Director of Sila Solutions Group, about how their team responded to this exercise during DC Cyberweek.

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