In Focus | Military-Connected Student Resources

In this conversation about military-connected students, Wes Wilson of Georgetown’s Military and Veterans’ Resource Center talks mostly about the practical benefits of pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies at the School of Continuing Studies. These reasons include: “robust transfer credit policies at the undergraduate level” that enable veterans to complete their bachelor’s degrees and move quickly into graduate studies: the opportunity to choose from “a plethora of professionally oriented master’s programs”; and a new “Yellow Ribbon” agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs that enables veterans to graduate with “zero student debt.”

At the end of his talk with Linda Dunn, Faculty Director of the Master’s in Supply Chain Management program, Wilson makes a special appeal to junior enlisted men and women who may “struggle with imposter syndrome—this feeling that, in spite of all that they’ve accomplished, that they have no business hitting ‘Submit’ on a Georgetown application.” Just remember, Wilson says, “if you are admitted, it means that not just one but multiple people saw something in you that maybe you don’t yet see in yourself.” And if you do attend, “your time at Georgetown will change your life forever.”

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