Master's in Global Hospitality Leadership

On-Campus Course Schedule for Summer 2021

While the SCS campus remains closed, on-campus classes will continue to be held remotely. These courses usually run during their regularly scheduled time and are held in synchronous sessions conducted via Zoom. Students should work with their academic advisors to develop course schedules that meet their academic and personal needs.



As the finale and culminating course in the Global Hospitality Leadership program, the Capstone showcases a student’s mastery of subject in one, comprehensive research project. This course gives the student the opportunity to focus on the particular subset of hospitality with which they identify and in which they are looking to specialize. The industry-based Capstone project will serve as a semester-long opportunity for students to produce a substantial piece of original work under the tutelage of an industry sponsor and program faculty. Students will partner with a Capstone Advisor, who—as an industry professional—will serve as a guide through the detailed development and execution of the actual project and related deliverables. Successful projects will reflect current and future industry challenges, partner with a brand or company within the industry, and produce a body of work that delivers recommendations, and practical, implementable, and innovative solutions. As an individualized endeavor, the course provides the opportunity for students to synthesize the theoretical and practical content taught during the program while will also reviewing and examining the primary knowledge, skills, and learning goals of the MPS-GHL program. Special emphasis will be placed upon the leadership and ethical skills introduced early in the program, including verbal presentations, written assessments, research methodologies, decision-making, and strategic planning. Students must propose a thesis project, work with a dedicated Capstone Advisor to develop the project, author an in-depth research paper, supporting action plan, executive summary (“white paper”), create a visual presentation, and present and orally defend their work in front of a panel of faculty and experts at the semester’s end. Enrollment in this course is through application and approval. A minimum grade of "B" (3.00) is required in the Capstone course to graduate regardless of the student's cumulative GPA.

Note: MPS degree core requirement. Minimum grade of "B" is needed to pass. Students must have completed at least 24 credit hours before enrolling.

  • Course #: MPHL-900-40
  • CRN: 16126
  • Instructor: Tucker, E.
  • Dates: May 24 – Aug 15, 2021
  • Class Meetings:
    • Mon 5:15 PM - 8:15 PM


Dgtl Mktg & Dstrbn for Hosp

In the world of digital marketing and distribution, the only constant is change. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, social media has granted unprecedented access to today’s consumer. And from Expedia to Priceline and even Google, the indirect distribution channels used in travel marketing and booking also dramatically impact the travel planning cycle, business and financial performance, and consumer loyalty. Developing a savvy marketing strategy and participating in the right channels is key, but cutting through the clutter is more important than ever. In fact, digital marketing is one of the most critical issues facing the biggest travel companies today. Accordingly, this course builds examines three key areas of digital marketing: direct distribution via a company’s own channels, indirect distribution through online travel agencies and global distribution systems, and social media. Through investigations in social media and website evolutions over time, projects examining indirect hotel marketing/sales channels, and exercises in customer segmentation, students learn how to evaluate and leverage digital channels to keep businesses relevant in our competitive travel landscape.

  • Course #: MPHL-650-40
  • CRN: 18236
  • Instructor: TBD
  • Dates: May 24 – Aug 15, 2021
  • Class Meetings:
    • Thu 5:15 PM - 8:15 PM


Ethics and Leadership in Hospitality

In the ever-evolving and global hospitality industry, self-reflection and recognition of one’s values, conduct, and consideration for others often make the difference between those leaders who are successful and those who are not. At the core of Georgetown University’s Jesuit foundations, the notion of cura personalis (“care for the whole person”) guides our mission to ensure that graduates exude not only academic excellence, but also the qualities exemplified by great leaders who make decisions and lead in an ethical manner. This foundational course sets the tone for the overall Global Hospitality Leadership program, in which students explore their existing individual assumptions, build foundational principles, and commit to their own moral compass in relation to the codes of conduct, core values, and best practices endemic to the professional world. Students will demonstrate their application of ethical practices and link those principles to a decision-making framework steeped in leadership and management. Students will embark upon collaborative projects developing their ethical decision-making skills and analyze how those skills lead to better and more effective managerial competencies. Topics include: ethical conduct in the international business context, ethical models of leadership, reasoning in managerial situations, communication and influence skills, and collaborative teaming.

  • Course #: MPHL-500-40
  • CRN: 18150
  • Instructor: Tucker, E.
  • Dates: May 24 – Aug 15, 2021
  • Class Meetings:
    • Tue 5:15 PM - 8:15 PM


Practicum I

The Integrated Practicum (internship) option is geared towards students who wish to gain experience in the hospitality industry and build a professional network while simultaneously studying. It is one of the most advantageous features of the MPS degree program, allowing students to earn three credits in place of one regular, three-credit Elective. The option is strongly encouraged for those students who are taking the program full-time, or for those students not currently employed within the hospitality industry. Practical learning opportunities are available through our various hospitality partnerships, including hotel, restaurant, association, and convention placements. Internship opportunities have been reviewed and approved by the program and are offered to students each term. Students may also bring special opportunities to the Executive Director for vetting and approval. Students will document their weekly objectives, activities, network contacts, leadership / management observations, and assessment tools in a project portfolio, which is submitted to their internship advisor at the end of the term.

Note: Extensive documented academic activity and distance learning outside of class is required. This course meets in person on five occasions and has directed learning requirements, outside interning, for a minimum of 37.5 hours.

  • Course #: MPHL-880-40
  • CRN: 16124
  • Instructor: Tucker, E.
  • Dates: May 24 – Aug 15, 2021
  • Class Meetings:
    • Wed 5:15 PM - 8:15 PM