To earn an EMPS in Program & Portfolio Management, you must successfully complete 8 courses (33 credits total). The curriculum combines online learning activities with weeklong on-site residencies. You will progress through the 21-month program as a cohort, with classes beginning in the fall of the academic year.

Course Schedule

Fall Semester 1: Leadership & Strategy

  • Ethical Leadership (6 credits; includes residency)
  • Strategic Management (3 credits)

Spring Semester 1: Alignment & Prioritization

  • Strategy Implementation & Organizational Design (3 credits)
  • Project Portfolio Management (3 credits)

Summer Semester 1: Delivery

  • Program Management & Benefits Realization (6 credits; includes residency)

Fall Semester 2: Delivery

  • Procurement: Outsourcing & Contract Management (3 credits)
  • Agile Frameworks for Lean Enterprises (3 credits)

Spring Semester 2: Operation

  • Capstone: Governance, Performance Measurement, & the PMO (6 credits; includes residency)

During three of the courses, the cohort comes together for a one-week residency that integrates critical-thinking exercises, hands-on practice, and engagements with top industry experts and organizations. In between these residencies, you’ll engage in online study, developing a deeper understanding of key concepts and industry best practices through individual coursework, readings, and group discussions.

Residency Travel Schedule 2018–2020*

Ethical Leadership | Washington, D.C. | September 24–28, 2018
Program Management & Benefits Realization | Europe | July 2019 (Week TBD)
Capstone | Asia Pacific | April 2020 (Week TBD)

This final residency consists of one-on-one preparatory and coaching sessions. Students will formally present their final capstone project, produced under the advisement of an industry advisor and program faculty. The residency includes on-site visits to organizations in an Asian-Pacific country.

To participate in the program, you must be on site for each weeklong residency. Seven nights of lodging and some meals are covered by regular tuition; however, you will be expected to make and finance your own transportation arrangements for each course’s on-site venue.

*All information—including statements of tuition and fees, course offerings, locations, dates, and deadlines—is subject to change without notice or obligation.