Master's in Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Public Relations & Corporate Communications program equips students with the skills needed to respond ethically and effectively to any communications challenge. Students learn to navigate the blurring lines between communications disciplines and be responsible leaders in the digital world.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Public Relations & Corporate Communications, students will:

  • Clear Writing: Program graduates have the ability to write clear, concise, action-oriented language for a range of communications situations and tailored for target audiences.
  • Strategic Thinking: Students learn the Georgetown Framework for Strategic Planning and apply it to communications challenges throughout their time in the program, both verbally and in writing. Framework application reflects individual student critical thinking skills, strategic decision-making, and creativity.
  • Responsible Communication: Graduates are committed to consistently evaluating and applying their personal code of ethics, which is built on a foundation of ethical paradigms, professional codes of conduct, and industry best practices. Students go beyond basic ethical considerations to authentically use their skills and talents to positively impact the world.
  • Practical Evaluation: Students learn about research techniques and can select the most appropriate method given the situation, budget, and timeline. Program graduates also understand the role of research and the importance of using measurable results to evaluate strategic success.