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Photo of Franny and Katie Frisbie

Just how many Frisbies work for the Frisbie Group, a private real estate investment firm based in Palm Beach, Florida?

Franny Frisbie stops to count.

“Let’s see ...”

She’s on a conference call with her sister, Katie Frisbie Crowell, so that makes two right there. Both graduated from Georgetown’s Real Estate program and are part of the younger—or, as they call it, “Gen 2”—cohort of family members that also includes their brother, sister-in-law, and Katie’s husband.

“Gen 1” consists of their father, an uncle and aunt, and another uncle who lives in Boston and is the only family member not based in Palm Beach. 
That’s nine family members, all of whom live and breathe and talk real estate, including most nights when they gather for big family dinners and when the most important decision is generally what they’re all going to eat.

“We have always been an incredibly close family,” said Katie, Managing Director for Design & Development. “And we feel blessed that we’re able to work together.”

Each family member brings to the group different, highly specific skills, Franny and Katie said. They work together and don’t compete.  

Before joining the family business, the sisters worked for several years in different real estate agencies, Franny in Boston and Katie in Washington, D.C. And before that, they honed their skills at Georgetown.

“I wanted to become more involved in the financial side,” said Franny, Managing Director for Leasing & Asset Management. “So taking the financial track at Georgetown was very important to me and helped me get the experience I wanted to bring to the family business.”

Their Georgetown experience, said Katie, “really gave us the confidence to know we were ready—and ready to add value to the business.”