Checklist for Degree Programs

From detailed instructions on registering for classes and applying for financial aid to helpful resources on D.C. housing and neighborhoods, campus life, and academic policies, we hope you find answers to any questions you may have here.

  1. Accept your offer of enrollment

    Let us know whether you will be attending by completing the enrollment form, located in your decision letter.

    There is no deposit required when you submit your intent to enroll.

  2. Set your permanent Georgetown password

    If you have not already done so, set your permanent Georgetown password using the University login credentials provided in your decision letter. You’ll use these credentials to access the student portal, review financial aid, register for classes, and more. Once you have created your password, you can set up your Georgetown email account.

  3. Review Financial Aid & Scholarship Options

    As a student at the School of Continuing Studies, you'll be registered with Georgetown University's Financial Aid Office and may be eligible for federal student loans. Based on your degree program of interest, visit one of the following pages to determine your eligibility for financial aid:

    You may also be eligible for the various scholarships and tuition discounts that the School of Continuing Studies offers. Students who have previously completed service terms or are current employees with eligible organizations may be awarded scholarships. Please review the following pages to determine your eligibility for scholarships or tuition discounts:

  4. Manage your billing and set up payments

    The Office of Revenue and Receivables offers a variety of payment plan options and information concerning tuition and fees, important dates, contact information, and how-to guides for the online self-service portal.

  5. Register for classes

    You will need your NetID and password in order to register for classes. For questions regarding course planning and registration, please contact your program manager or director. Please note that it takes roughly 48–72 hours from the time you accept your offer of enrollment to receive access to the course registration system.

  6. Get your GOCard

    All students enrolled in a degree program must have a valid GOCard. We require students to have their GOCards at all times during operating hours to ensure a safe learning environment. You'll also use your GOCard for entry into the building of our downtown campus. After accepting your offer of enrollment, you will receive further instructions from your program manager or director on how to obtain your GOCard.

    Students enrolled in noncredit courses, programs, and certificates are not required to procure GOCards.

  7. Review our housing and neighborhood guide

  8. Review our resources for current students

  9. Review the Student Handbook for your program

  10. Ensure your immigration documentation is in order

    If you are NOT a United States citizen or a permanent resident, please be sure to complete all required steps for your immigration documentation as quickly as possible.

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