Annie Green

Annie Green has a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)

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from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at George Washington University and a Masters in Information Systems (M.S.I.S) from George Mason University. She is a Systems Engineer, Knowledge Strategist/Architect and Methodologist. She has 25+ years of progressive experience in Business Process Modeling, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, Organizational Learning, System Life Cycle Development (SDLC), and Project Management. She is a published author, speaker, and lecturer and serves as adjunct faculty at George Washington University and Southern New Hampshire University. She has built a career on the effective and efficient operations of organizations’. Her experience surfaces from the grassroots of systems engineering which is inclusive of all components to produce business systems that align with the optimum performance of organizations. Her research efforts are focused on the development of: 1) PLANT (Plan, Layout, Actualize, Nourish, Transition) a performance based Knowledge Management methodology and 2) e-BRAIN (electronic-Business Reasoning, Analytics, Intelligence Network [e-BRAIN]) an intangible asset valuation methodology and measurement tool. She prides herself on being an evangelist for Intangible Assets Valuation, and Individual and Organizational Thinking.