Drivers of Geopolitical Insecurity Seminar Series | Spring 2024 Event Series


This seminar series examines the pivotal macro drivers shaping global geopolitics. Learn about the impact of economic changes, technological advancements, and demographic shifts. Understand the role of culture, ideology, and environment. Explore political movements, alliances, wars, and global rules impact the influence of nations. With insights from global experts, gain a comprehensive understanding of what shapes the world's political landscape.

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Economic Transitions

Date: Thursday, May 30
Time: 6:00–7:30 p.m. ET
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The "Economic Transitions" session in the "Drivers of Geopolitical Insecurity" series will delve into the emergence of new economies, the impacts of exclusions and sanctions, and the dynamics of economic crises. This session aims to dissect how these economic shifts are redefining global economic landscapes and affecting international relations. It will explore the implications of these transitions for global insecurity and in shaping geopolitical strategies.

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