Program in Master's in Design Management & Communications

Course Schedule for Spring 2020




MPDC Capstone

Note: A minimum grade of "B" is required to pass.

  • Course #: MPDC-900-101
  • CRN: 38207
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Schmidt, S.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


Design Leadership

Visual communications and design is one form of art; being a leader in visual design is another. Students in this course develop leadership skills in order to effectively communicate design critiques. Students will learn to lead by motivating, inspiring, and influencing creative teams and by facilitating and overseeing the creative process.

Note: This is a foundational course of the DMC program.

  • Course #: MPDC-620-101
  • CRN: 36402
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Small, J.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


Design Management & Strategy

This course introduces students to design management concepts. Students learn to work at the intersection between visual design and business strategy. The course covers an overview of business fundamentals; students learn how to successfully manage a team and visual projects within visual communications and design industry, advertising and marketing, creative processes and business models, client relations and management, and business development and evaluation.

Note: Foundation course requirement for the DMC program. A minimum grade of "B" is required to pass.

  • Course #: MPDC-550-101
  • CRN: 38105
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Ferry, L.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


Design Portfolio

If there is one thing you need to succeed in any creative field -- it's a way to showcase your talent and talk about your body work (aka an amazing portfolio). In this hands on course, students will learn how to build and/or refine a portfolio and will leave the course with tailored personal portfolio and the skills required to continue building it throughout the program. This course will also enhance personal branding skills as well as touching on job searching and career development. This course is taught by an experienced integrated marketing and creative professional with copy and creative direction experience in financial services, automotive, publishing, travel, and telcom on both the corporate and agency side.

  • Course #: MPDC-710-101
  • CRN: 38104
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Wygant, J.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


User Experience

Today, visuals need to engage customers by offering an exceptional experience that people can identify with, purchase, and enjoy. This course provides an overview of user experience (UX) design, the role of research in a design process, and UX design approaches, including archetypes, storyboards, customer journey maps, and empathy maps.

  • Course #: MPDC-705-101
  • CRN: 38106
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Schmidt, S.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


Visual Communications

In today’s digital world, it has become necessary for communicators to use visual tools to communicate ideas effectively. In this course, students learn how to research, apply and critique typography, color strategies, digital imaging, design principles, and visual trends. Students should have working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suites and other relevant computer programs prior to taking this course.

  • Course #: MPDC-520-101
  • CRN: 39336
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Wang, X.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020


Visual Persuasion & Promotion

Visuals can be a persuasive and powerful tool in communications. This course discusses effective strategies, tactics, and tools that are used to create persuasive and compelling visual content, messages, and products.

  • Course #: MPDC-610-101
  • CRN: 36401
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Schauble, J.
  • Dates: Jan 08 – May 09, 2020