Executive Certificate in Polarities & Paradox
Certificate in Polarities and Paradox

Executive Certificate

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Executive Certificate in Polarities and Paradox

The Executive Certificate in Polarities & Paradox prepares you to navigate the evolving complexities leaders face in today’s organizations. Designed for senior-level practitioners, leaders, and coaches, this cohort-based program examines paradoxical challenges that arise at the personal, interpersonal, and system levels.

Grounded in theory, our program incorporates interactive instruction, reading, self-reflection, practice, emphasizing the practical skills required to effectively manage polarities. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to use a polarity lens to analyze and take action to successfully navigate paradox in your life, organization, and community.

Ideal for
Senior leaders

3 courses over 4 months



All day Tues–Thurs, once a month

Semester of Entry
Fall & spring

This section has testimonials from current students and alumni.

  • We live and work in a complex, fast-paced world with many challenges and few simple solutions.  We believe that leaders must understand how to navigate the polarities that are present in their organizations and even in their own values.  This program is designed to equip leaders to skillfully manage complex, paradoxical issues.  This program is for anyone facing challenges that require growth.”

    Kate Ebner, Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership Polarities & Paradox

Upon successful completion of the certificate, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the polarities that are at play on a personal, interpersonal, and organizational level
  • Utilize polarity theory and practice to embrace both interdependent states of a polarity
  • Apply knowledge of polarities to create new understanding, embrace resistance, more successfully implement change, and foster action that leads to lasting results
  • Coach others in navigating polarities