Master's in Information Technology Management
John Dombzalski

Photo of John Dombzalski

John Dombzalski says he’s “not a techie by trade,” and, depending on how you define “techie,” that could be technically true. But even a casual search through his resume shows he’s worked for some pretty formidable technology companies.

Soon after enrolling in Georgetown’s graduate program in Technology Management in 2013, Dombzalski was promoted from Federal Sales Associate to Account Manager at Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), one of the world’s largest distributors of geographic information system (GIS) software. Two years later, he became an Account Executive at SAS, joining its National Security Group, where he managed the company’s relationship with key national intelligence and defense agencies.

Dombzalski received his master’s degree in 2016. A few months later, he moved to his current position overseeing global government sales for the rapidly expanding firm Mapbox, which makes custom online maps for The Weather Channel, CNN, Airbnb, and other well-known customers.

If Dombzalski isn’t strictly a techie (and that’s debatable) he’s certainly an expert in geography and mapping. Growing up in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, before GPS systems were widely available, he was the key member of his family “who always knew how to get from Point A to Point B.” A geography major at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, he later used his mapping skills as a Planning Technician at the Luzerne County Planning Commission in Pennsylvania.

Applying to Georgetown’s Technology Management program seemed like a bit of a risk at the time, but it was a risk worth taking. “I stepped out of what I naturally knew and chose to explore broader technology concepts,” Dombzalski said. “The program introduced me to different people in a lot of different professions. I enjoyed engaging in various dialogues and debates, and was fortunate to learn a great deal from my peers and the Georgetown staff.”