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Gaurav Pathania

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Gaurav Pathania

Gaurav J. Pathania is a sociologist of higher education and teaches "Introduction to Sociology" at the department of Sociology, Georgetown University. He has taught Global Social Movements at the George Washington University, Washington DC. Gaurav has formerly served as a Visiting Scholar to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and as a Research Associate at the University of Southern California.

His current research in cultural sociology critically examines contemporary identity movements in India and among the diaspora. Along with several research papers and reviews, Gaurav has recently authored his first book, "The University as a Site of Resistance: Identity and Student Politics" (Oxford University Press, 2018). The book conceptualizes the conditions for the emergence of cultural politics and student resistance in Indian higher education.

Gaurav is also a published poet. His poetry won the national and international prizes sponsored by the Poetry Society of India. He is currently working on his memoir about his childhood in a village in a pre-globalized India.