Heather Arnold

As the Director of the Research & Analysis at Streetsense, Ms. Arnold specializes in market analysis, and incentive planning for real estate developers and downtown environments.

Photo of Heather Arnold

Ms. Arnold has conducted numerous market studies for cities across the country, including Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Kansas City, Boston and Los Angeles. At Streetsense, Heather Arnold leads a multi-disciplinary team on the Vibrant Streets™ project, an initiative that provides neighborhoods the tools and framework necessary to create vibrant commercial districts, regardless of population, ethnic composition, location, income, or budget. This initiative stemmed from the methodology and publication she created, The Vibrant Streets™ Toolkit, which has been implemented in 19 neighborhoods throughout Washington, DC. Ms. Arnold holds a Master’s of City and Regional Planning from Cornell University as well as an undergraduate Architectural History degree from the University of Virginia.