Larry Joseph

Dr. Joseph is Professor of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management at Georgetown University.

Photo of Larry Joseph

He has had diverse experience in both public and private sectors including program/project management, new venture development, technology assessment, and strategy planning. His experience in managing complex projects and programs is extensive. While with the Department of Energy he was Program Director for a unique public/private sector initiative to demonstrate technologies that permit the continued, environmentally acceptable use of domestic energy sources. This innovative program established many new approaches to cost shared partnerships that have become a standard for similar initiatives throughout the government. Upon leaving the Government, he developed a global consulting practice that is based on his experience in managing innovative first-of-a-kind projects and the strategic aspects of program management and project development. His clients are drawn from the energy, environmental, information technology and financial services industries. His firm, Joseph Associates, delivers Project Portfolio Management solutions to organizations in both public and private sectors. He has taught extensively on a world-wide basis in project, program, and project portfolio management as well as the areas of energy policy. He is now using his extensive experience as Faculty Director in the newly initiated Master of Project Management and Executive Masters in Program and Portfolio Management. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in engineering and has also taught at the Universities of Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, and two Chinese universities in addition to his current position at Georgetown.