Shelva Clemons

Shelva serves as an Account Manager for the Brand+Creative Team at the investment firm of T. Rowe Price.

Photo of Shelva Clemons

In this role, she administers the internal process for developing communications and marketing deliverables to support corporate, enterprise-wide initiatives. Operating as a liaison between the internal creative team, project management, and in-house corporate clients to execute marketing projects, Shelva consults to develop creative briefs, statements of work and tactical plans meeting overall business objectives and goals. Shelva’s responsibilities also include the coordination with clients to manage external relationships with advertising/public relations agencies to represent the firm’s brand image. With an overall goal of maintaining a consistent use of the brand voice and messaging, her day-to-day duties encompass extensive collaboration with Brand, Relationship and Project Managers as well as the Creative Team. As a member of Allstate Insurance Company’s Corporate Relations Division, Shelva’s responsibilities included strategic communications, corporate sponsorship and media relations. In her role as a Communications Manager, she served as the media spokesperson for the mid-Atlantic regional area, worked to improve brand recognition through corporate campaigns and provided assistance with communication tactics for multicultural marketing campaigns targeting African American consumers. Her experience included project management with celebrity sponsorships, internal messaging for employees and agencies, and editing and publishing of regional communications to deliver business strategies. As the chairperson of The Allstate Foundation in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Shelva collaborated with various nonprofit organizations to oversee philanthropic funding, promote corporate signature programs and highlight civic engagement. Her earlier responsibilities entailed managing company sponsorships with local NFL franchises to build reputation for Allstate in the mid-Atlantic regional area. Shelva’s nonprofit experience includes The Advertising Council. Working with multiple advertising agencies, public relations firms and government sponsors to develop public service announcement campaigns, she combined her marketing experience with her management skills to oversee the execution of national social cause campaigns. Earlier in her career, she held marketing and communication positions with Levick Strategic Communications and Ford Motor Company to support media efforts for legal clientele, develop marketing campaigns for product launches and consult entrepreneurs’ on small business plans and strategies. Shelva has committed her professional career to the fields of marketing and communications. She has a Bachelor in Business Administration from Howard University with a concentration in Marketing. As a graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s Masters Program in Communications, her focus was Public Relations. In 2015, Shelva completed her Doctorate of Philosophy from Howard University with a focus on Communication, Culture & Media Studies.