Elizabeth Greenland

Beth Greenland, MS, PCC Program: Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Executive Certificate in Transformational Leadership Beth Greenland, PCC, is an Associate at Cultivating Leadership, an international consultancy that helps leaders and organizations use coaching and complexity theory and practice to become more agile, creative and successful in a changing world.

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Beth has worked for over 25 years providing leadership coaching, strategic planning, leadership training, and coaching training for private, non-profit and government agencies across the country and internationally.  Her coaching practice focuses on working with leaders in transition; those who are new to their roles, those who are challenged by changing demands and circumstances in their jobs and those who are completing their careers. Beth views coaching as a holistic support for the development of leaders so they can be more fulfilled and more effective, and she integrates deep knowledge of adult development and somatic practices with her work with clients. Beth holds sincere respect for each individual’s deep knowing, and the connection of the body and the wisdom of the body to the coaching work. She focuses on supporting the client’s goals, on action, on practices and actions that move a client towards achieving those goals and holding the client accountable for his or her commitments. Beth is a proud member of Cohort 19 of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program, and she is completing her Masters of Somatic Coaching and a Certificate in Coaching for Adult Development. She is affiliated with, the Management Assistance Group, Compass Point, Maryland Non Profits, and the Growth Edge Network.   She has recently developed and presented a coaching training program for the Child Welfare systems in several states. She is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and uses the Growth Edge interview model of adult development. Beth is an ICF certified coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. Beth volunteers as an end of life doula at a local hospice and serves on the Board of Companioning the Dying. She has two adult children and lives in Towson with her husband. Beth can be reached at eg265@georgetown.edu.