Megan Staczek

Megan is passionate about helping leaders and teams grow through evolving vision, thought habits and skills to unleash their greatest potential.

Photo of Megan Staczek

The work of transforming a leader, or team of leaders, is a powerful lever for achieving their strategic vision and driving organizational results. Megan brings more than 25 years of experience as a leadership coach and organization development consultant. Megan’s commitment to growth is evident in how she engages with clients and in her own pursuit of learning to stay current on issues of leadership and organizational performance. Today’s leaders are called to transform organizations and lead change; embedded in that expectation is an underlying need for leaders to transform themselves. Megan is adept at helping leaders and teams elevate their thought habits and capabilities so they can be more transformative and fulfilled. Having lived the first part of her career in financial services, Megan brings large corporate experience and business context to her client engagements along with broad experience through her consulting work that spans industries.   Prior to founding Capacity Group, Megan spent years inside large organizations building and leading teams that were focused on designing organizational change strategies; fostering leadership development; aligning organizational systems; and consulting with executives to achieve strategic objectives. Her own executive experience gives her a depth of perspective on the way Capacity Group designs client engagements and the important role leaders play in fostering team and organizational results. Megan received her MS in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and her certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University. She is on the faculty at Georgetown University and is a PCC certified coach.   Megan is certified in multiple personality and leadership assessment instruments including the Leadership Circle, Leadership Culture Survey, CPI, Hogan Suite, LVI, Growth Edge, GLP and more. Recently Megan spent three years working on growth edge development and leading through complexity. In addition, she participated in a cohort devoted to studying race in the United States and evolving her own understanding of race along with gender equality which has led her to new ways of working with organizations. Megan contributes to several non-profits through talent and treasure. Megan resides in Baltimore, Maryland enjoying time with family and friends, playing sports, reading and traveling. She can be reached at