Nicolas Durand

Nico Durand is a digital entrepreneur, data enthusiast, and computer engineer.

Nicolas Durand

He led the Digital Analytics training program of the World Bank and was the founder and chief developer of Dishly, a website & mobile app for personalized food and drink recommendations (with 500K items in the DC area). Due to the pandemic, the company has closed.

As lead of the Digital Analytics training program at the World Bank, Mr. Durand created a series of classes to train staff to improve, monitor and analyze their web and social media traffic. He also analyzed the effectiveness of the paid campaigns and developed frameworks to raise the impact of World Bank digital communications.

Prior to that, he was Technology and Operations Director at Community Empowerment Lab, a non-profit organization in India. There, he designed a custom-built mobile app to build a digital profile of at-risk communities in rural areas, with the objective to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. His most visible venture is the Geneva Genealogy Society, a non-profit which he founded in 2000, currently with 550 paying members and one of the largest contiguous genealogy trees on the internet. He has also been a software developer, consultant and project leader in Geneva and Munich.

Mr. Durand has an MBA from the Georgetown McDonough School of Business and a Masters in computer science from Zurich Polytechnics.

He is the proud and grateful winner of the 2023 IMC Tropaia Award.

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