Rebecca Bilbro is an adjunct faculty member in Georgetown University's Data Science Certificate Program, where she teaches Visual Analytics.

Photo of Rebecca Bilbro

Dr. Bilbro earned her doctorate from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where her research centered on communication and visualization practices in engineering. She is now Lead Data Scientist at Bytecubed, where she and her team use machine learning and Python to build custom data solutions. Prior to joining ByteCubed, Rebecca served as a data scientist in the Commerce Data Service and at the Department of Labor. Dr. Bilbro is also partner and faculty at District Data Labs, were she has conducted research on semantic network extraction and entity resolution, as well as high dimensional information visualization, which led to the development of the Yellowbrick Project. As one of the core developers of Scikit-Yellowbrick, she is collaborating to build a visual steering library for machine learning with Scikit-Learn. A frequent speaker at PyCon and the Numfocus PyData series, Dr. Bilbro is also co-author of Applied Text Analysis with Python (O'Reilly). Her main research interests include machine learning, visual diagnostics, natural language processing, and open source development.