Joseph Ciquera

Joseph Ciquera has been in the Transportation business for over 33 years and is and adjunct teacher, who specializes in International business.

Joe Ciquera has been with the FedEx Corporation as a sale professional, trainer and International sales manager for over 27 years. He also was a Junior/High school teacher. His experience includes teaching and training sales professional about the processes of international business. Joe has also consulted to a variety of top international companies to help improve their over supply chain and logistic operations. Ciquera also teaches in class an online as an adjunct professor, specializing in International Business. Ciquera uses business seminars to reach out to organizations that are looking to improve their supply chains. Along with the seminar’s Joe has received his master’s degree in International Business management and would like to expand his business expertise to universities in the field of Logistics and International Transportation. Ciquera’s love of teaching and experience in International Logistics makes a good ground work to integrate both skills into a learning environment. Recognizing the importance of practical application within the university systems as well as getting top recruits to enter the transportation field, Ciquera actively recruits for all students interested in developing their international expertise and finding a career in International transportation. Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Brockport, Teaching Certificate at Adelphi University and Masters of International Business Management at University of Phoenix. He resides in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with wife and three sons.