Lester Myers

Lester Myers is the president of the Center of Concern, a Washington think tank that researches, educates, and advocates out of the Catholic social tradition to promote global social justice.

He is a Caux Round Table Fellow, member of the Georgetown Corporate Counsel Institute Advisory Board, and Board Advisory Services faculty member for the National Association of Corporate Directors. He also participates in corporate citizenship programs of the Business Civic Leadership Center at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Les has a background in business strategy, philosophical ethics, Catholic social thought, and law. For 30 years, he has served in leadership roles in public accounting, corporate, university teaching and administration, and social-profit organization contexts, with experience in the financial, educational, healthcare, information, telecommunications, retail, environmental, exempt organizations, and public sectors. He has focused on organizational integrity and responsibility, helping organizations promote principled leadership and ethical cultures; assess risks of fraud and misconduct; and design, implement, and evaluate ethics and compliance and other anti-fraud programs and controls to prevent, detect, and respond to such risks within the context of leading frameworks for organizational governance and internal control. His corporate citizenship services include stakeholder and public affairs matters involving sustainability, labor standards, consumer protection, financial integrity, and philanthropic engagement. Les has studied and/or taught at four Jesuit universities, including Xavier, from which he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, and Georgetown, from which he earned doctorates in philosophy and law.