David Robarge

David Robarge received his Ph.D. in American History from Columbia University.

After teaching at Columbia and working for banker David Rockefeller and at the Gannett Center for Media Studies at Columbia, he joined CIA in 1989 and later became a political and leadership analyst on the Middle East. Dr. Robarge moved to the CIA History Staff in 1996 and was appointed Chief Historian of the CIA in 2005. He has published several classified works as well as unclassified monographs on the CIA’s supersonic A-12 reconnaissance aircraft and intelligence in the American Revolution. His biography of Director of Central Intelligence John McCone was recently declassified. His articles and book reviews on CIA leaders, counterintelligence, covert action, and technical collection have appeared in Studies in Intelligence, Intelligence and National Security, The Journal of Intelligence History, and The Oxford Handbook of Intelligence and National Security. Dr. Robarge has taught intelligence history at George Mason University and Georgetown University and also has written a biography of Chief Justice John Marshall.