William Brown

William B.

Brown (Bill) Bill Brown is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service where he teaches courses on the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean economies, and he continues to do contracting work for the federal government from which he is retired. He also serves as non-resident fellow for the Korea Economic Institute of America, for which he engages in professional panels and writes for its blog, and he writes and is interviewed as a North Korea expert for the Korea Times, Seoul’s leading daily newspaper. His most recent service was as Senior Advisor to the National Intelligence Manager for East Asia in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Prior to that his career as an economist and East Asia specialist has included extensive work in CIA, Commerce Department and the National Intelligence Council where he served as Senior Research Fellow for East Asia and as Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Economics. Much of his research has been focused on the North Korean and Chinese economies. Notable papers include “Money and Markets in North Korea”, an unclassified study for the National Intelligence Council, and a recent paper on the “Economics of Korean Unification” for the Council of Foreign Relations. His career has included work for Virginia’s Department of World Trade in Norfolk and he served as Senior Research Officer in the US Embassy in Seoul in the mid-1980s. Prior to teaching at Georgetown University, Bill taught for three years at George Washington University’s Elliott School of Foreign Affairs and for nearly twenty years at George Mason University’s graduate School of Public Policy. Bill received an MA in Economics and Chinese studies, and most coursework for the PhD, from Washington University in St. Louis and his BA in International Studies from Rhodes College in Memphis. He was raised in Kwangju, Korea by Presbyterian missionary parents who themselves were born and raised in China and Korea, respectively. He and his wife live in Herndon, Virginia and have four grown children.